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Eduventures Announces 2016 Innovation Award Winners

Awards presented at Eduventures Summit include Colorado Technical University, Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado–Boulder, Oral Roberts University, Oregon State University, the University of South Florida, and Western Governors University.
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Eduventures 2017 Student Success Ratings: Top Scorers and Emerging Trends

When it comes to our student success ratings, we learn something new every year. In fact, the measurable shift from year to year is the reason we conduct an annual review. Institutions move on, make strides, conquer old problems, and attack new ones. What remains true is that institutions that improve student success learn from their high-performing peers.

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NRCCUA and Eduventures are Taking Research to a Whole New Level

Eduventures and NRCCUA are bringing together higher education leaders, industry luminaries, and our team of expert analysts to address the issues facing higher education.
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Search Done Right™

Take your student search to the next level by using unique data driven programs and resources from NRCCUA that allow you to connect with the right students at the right time. Visit to see how it all works.
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Research Spotlight is our latest educational research website dedicated to the growth of STEM programs. Discover the powerful trends and patterns in STEM career interests that can lend strategic intelligence to future recruitment and enrollment management strategies.
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Wake-Up to Research!

NRCCUA and Eduventures have joined forces to provide the best research in higher education. The addition of Eduventures is empowering NRCCUA member colleges and universities with valuable student insights.

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Did you know?

Facebook remains the social media channel of choice for students and parents, but that margin is changing. NRCCUA is a contributing partner to the annual E-Expectations Research report.
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Christian Student Research

New research available, provided by NRCCUA and NACCAP, focusing on the views of Christian students on college planning and Christian colleges.

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Connect Early, Be First!

We all want to be first. NRCCUA's Fall Advantage® can help you be the first to reach your prospective students.
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Equation for Student Recruitment Success

More Students + Less Competition - Higher Scholarships = Mid-Range GPAs
During my time at NRCCUA, the Enrollment Services team is frequently asked about different ways to get smarter students. We get it. Who doesn't want mostly 4.0's in their classes? But the truth is that there are only so many A GPA students out there... and that everyone else wants them to enroll as well. The data behind the nation's largest college planning program, My College Options®, suggests that mid-range GPA's are just as important in building a stronger and larger inquiry pool.

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Press Release

NRCCUA Announces New Partnership Aimed at Accelerating its Development of Innovative College Planning and Enrollment Solutions
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EdTech and the Student Journey - 5 EdTech Companies to Watch

Like many of you, we’re busy attending the annual circuit of higher education conferences. While these events cover many topics, we detected a common focus from both vendors and institutions: how do institutions and their technology support students navigating higher education?

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Football Rankings Compared to Student Success

"College Football Rankings and Student Success: Who's Performing Well On the Field and Off?" Find out which college programs top the list of best performing students on and off of the field.

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Prior-Prior Year Best Practices

Prior-Prior Year (PPY) is new territory for everyone. However, we have a unique view of college search activities which allows us the ability to provide best practices based on our data and experience.

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On a mission to help students go back to school!

It is that time of year again, time for students to get back into the classroom. For most students, this can be a very stressful time: new schools, making new friends, new rules, new teachers, and so much more.

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NRCCUA Acquires Leading Higher Education Research Firm Eduventures

Eduventures will expand NRCCUA’s strategic research and analytics offerings, further empowering colleges and universities with valuable student insights.
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New to the Wake-Up Call? Catch up with the Top 5 of 2016!

Take a few minutes to read the latest Eduventures Wake-Up Call which breaks down the most-viewed posts of 2016.

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Want more men in your incoming class?

Many times over the last several months, the Enrollment Services team at NRCCUA has been asked by our member institutions how to increase the number of men in their incoming freshman classes. The answer might come from several different points in your funnel, but you really need to ...

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NRCCUA Announces New CEO Patrick Vogt

The National Research Center for College & University Admissions™ (NRCCUA®) announced today the appointment of Patrick Vogt as NRCCUA’s new CEO. Mr. Vogt brings nearly 30 years of experience building innovative technology and products, accelerating company growth, and establishing first-class organizational cultures.

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Student Opinions, Presidential Poll

Earlier this month, My College Options® presented findings with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation that polled more than 65,000 high school students, including first-time voters.

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The Doctor of Nursing Practice – Low Hanging Enrollment Fruit?

If you have followed healthcare education over the past decade, you have noticed a push toward higher levels of education for health care practitioners. Nursing education is no stranger to this trend, and for good reason. Evidence suggests improved patient outcomes due to better educated nurses.

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