Allow us to quickly send your personalized email communications to your prospect pool. Target certain groups or everyone; we can implement any campaign. eProspector® is a convenient solution that gives you the expertise necessary to get into the “In Box”.

SOLUTIONS for communicating with your prospects:

  • Send targeted email campaigns to your prospects without using your own resources
  • Follow email best practices to reach the inbox
  • Send out last minute campaigns without the stress and pressure
  • Bypass the inhouse bureaucracy and quickly send out campaigns

Interested? Call us at 1-800-862-7759 or send an email to inquire.

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... we've used both the cost-saving eProspector email service and the broader reach of the College-Bound Outreach Deck to help us increase our applications by 50%! ...
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Rewa C. Mariger
Assistant Commandant for Recruiting

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