NRCCUA gives you access to the most comprehensive database of college-bound high school students representing over 5 million college-bound seniors, juniors, sophomores and freshmen.

Select from academic achievement, high school course track, degree plans, intended major, ethnicity, varsity sports, college activity, first generation and more, in order to target your most strategic enrollment profile.

Collected annually through the NRCCUA/My College Options® Post-Secondary Planning Survey®, these valuable programs give you the earliest and most comprehensive access to students in more than 22,000 high schools across the country. Our research partners play a key role in this important process.

Enrollment professionals - a single login allows you access to a variety of search list services, enhancements and reporting resources.

Talent Identification Program®

Access the nation's largest and earliest database of college-bound students via NRCCUA's Talent Identification Program®. Learn more...

My College Options®
      Automated Online Search

Extend the value and power of your search list investment! Make sure you are featured 24/7 on each of your targeted students' personal My College Options pages.
Learn more...

TEXT Response Option

Make it easier & faster for prospective students to respond by adding a TEXT response option to your next outreach. Learn more...

SMART Approach®

Qualify student search names before you buy them using the most sophisticated predictive modeling service available. Learn more...

Legacy Student Locator®

Make certain your recruitment messages are reaching the college-bound children of your alumni, trustees, faculty and friends! Learn more...

Sports Advantage®

Locate and recruit athletes that meet the academic standards of your school. Learn more...

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